WAVA (Disruptive technologies to valorise food Waste into Value-added commodities) is a project funded under Science Foundation Ireland’s Food Challenge program to develop solutions for food waste reutilization in Ireland. Our team aims to deliver this by converting food waste into a valuable resource for Irish stakeholders, from farmers and other primary producers to waste processing plants. We are a multi-disciplinary team consisting of world leading technical experts from University College Dublin and Limerick Institute of Technology with extensive experience in surplus food management, anaerobic digestion and microalgal biotechnology.

Our vision is developing a pipeline solution which involves on-site pretreatment of food waste by cutting-edge sustainable electro-processing technology to convert the waste to an optimized, high value feedstock for biogas production from existing. We would also develop a novel decentralized biorefinery process that would use that feedstock for carbon capture and production of commercially important chemicals and fortified foods. Thus, we are endeavoring to convert food waste into a resource that will bring value to a wide and diverse group of beneficiaries in Ireland.    

We are currently in the process of refining this concept, figuring out logistics and commercial viability. We are doing so by reaching out to potential stakeholders and beneficiaries such as yourselves directly to understand the ground realities. This includes educating ourselves about how your institution deals with waste, your issues regarding the current process and your thoughts on how it can be improved. We value your perspectives and feedback on our proposed technologies, if you would like to help us in our efforts, please get in touch!

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